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Database, Data System, and File

Database, data systems, and file systems provide a convenient way to store information. For example, the server utilizes a relational database to handle persisting of data (for backup and recovery). Databases and data storage are common to most enterprise applications, and data-level adapters are a common way to integrate with these applications. Therefore, database and other data adapters often work in conjuction with, or form a basis for, adapters for enterprise applications. adapters for databases, data systems, and file systems provide a native connection method. A large percentage of an integration solution often involves getting and putting data to/from a database. Thus, these types of adapters are crucial to most integration endeavors.

We currently have projects for the following data adapters:

If you have experience in these systems and would like to contribute to adapter development and/or testing, visit the project page to become a participant. Our community is also looking for project leaders for data adapters like these:

  • MySQL ?Create this project!
  • PostgreSQL ?Create this project!
  • Borland Interbase ?Create this project!
  • Oracle ?Create this project!
  • Informix ?Create this project!
  • Sybase ?Create this project!
  • MS SQL Server ?Create this project!
  • IBM DB2 ?Create this project!
  • And Other Data Systems! ?Create a new project!

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