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News Releases

  • New Software Releases
  • Community   01/14/2002, the open source community building a complete platform for enterprise integration, is pleased to announce the availability of new software releases and the addition of new projects.

    The newest release of the JMS Messaging Server marks a major milestone in the creation of a completely open source implementation of the Java Message Service. This project not only implements the entire JMS 1.0.2b specification, but includes performance optimizations and enhanced modules for XML communication, security, persistence, and more.

    We've also released new software versions for the Adapter Framework and five adapters. In addition, we've created seven new projects, bringing our current project total to 25!We've updated the following projects with new software releases:

    Together we're revolutionizing enterprise integration. These releases continue to build our community as the open source destination for integrating applications and data systems throughout the enterprise.

  • New Perl Language Adapter Project
  • Community   08/09/2001

    Perl is one of the most popular languages in the world. We're proud to announce the start of the Perl adapter project. The Perl language adapter will provide Perl software with a native interface to the JMS/XML based integration platform. Sarah Farrell, a long-time Perl guru, will head up the newly formed Perl language adapter project.

    Sarah Farrell is a Java and Perl software developer for both the professional and open source communities. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Sacred Heart University at Fairfield, CT. Ms. Farrell is presently the project leader for the Perl adapter initiative. Please feel free to contact her at or join on the project page if you are interested in contributing to this project.

  • New Install Programs for JMS Messaging Server
  • Gunnison Carbone   07/24/2001

    We've added new and easy to use installation software to the JMS Messaging Server. There are 4 new distributions for the following platforms: Linux, Unix-Sun Solaris, Unix-other, and Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Download the appropriate distribution for your platform and in minutes you'll have a robust and powerful JMS messaging server at your fingertips!

  • Web Site - New Look & More Features!
  • Gunnison Carbone   06/14/2001 has been updated! Due to growing demand, we've added mailing lists, more documentation, new software, new projects, and a new facelift for the site.

    We hope you'll enjoy the new site. We've now organized projects with project leaders and project contributors. Sign up and become a part of the open source integration revolution! If you'd like to suggest a new project, go to our Get Involved! section and submit a project proposal.

    We're proud to say that the site is built completely on open source software, including Enhydra (for the application server), Major Domo (for mailing lists), Jive (for threaded discussions), Linux, Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat ( servlet and JSP engine), and Open3 (integrates the various pieces on the backend).

  • Founders Write Book
  • Gunnison Carbone   05/01/2001 founders Gunnison Carbone and Duane Stoddard with contributions by Alex Lesniak and Ken McCorkell have completed the soon to be published book, Open Source Enterprise Solutions: Developing an E-Business Strategy. This open source work will be published by the international technical and educational publishing company, John Wiley and Sons, in July of 2001.

    Open source software is delivering enterprise solutions. The book profiles how open source software can be utilized to build the IT infrastructure required by an e-business strategy. Open source projects like GNU, Linux, Apache, Enhydra, Open3, Zope, PHP, and several others are detailed in the work. The authors build the high-level blueprint for moving a business from manual to digital processes including critical e-business areas like enterprise applications, integration, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer initiatives.

    Discover how to engage open source in your enterprise. Open Source Enterprise Solutions: Developing an E-Business Strategy provides a starting point to uncover the diverse and varied open source projects that are viable for enterprise e-business solutions.

  • JMS Compliant
  • Alex Lesniak   11/09/2000

    With the release of a Version 1.0 candidate, we are proud to announce that the E-Business Integration Server is now Java Message Service (JMS) compliant and 100% feature complete with the addition of message selectors and persistence!

    JMS is a core component of Sun Microsystem's J2EE platform. JMS provides an underlying messaging infrastructure for e-business integration. Most of the major proprietary vendors utilize JMS in their integration offering, we're proud to have a quality system that is open source.

    We welcome your participation in Feel free to send us your comments and ideas. This is a major milestone in our development and we thank you for your support!

  • Web Site Updated
  • Alex Lesniak   08/16/2000

    Fellow Participant,

    We've updated the website with new projects and features! The newest changes include anonymous CVS access, WebCVS, an online bug tracking system (Request Tracker) and we've added a few projects!

    The Open3 XML Middleware Server and Open3 JMS Implementation have been updated with new code changes. The Open3 Adapter API is available online, as well. And, we have put up some sample adapters.

    We're doing nightly builds from our CVS repository. See our downloads area for details. Coming soon, mailing lists and expanded documentation. Stay tuned...

    We welcome your participation in Feel free to send us your comments and ideas and contribute to our initiative.

    Thank you!

  • Software Annouced at O'Reilly Open Source Convention
  • Alex Lesniak   07/17/2000

    Open3 Technologies is holding a press conference to announce the release of the open source middleware platform at the 2000 O'Reilly Open Source Convention on July 19 at the Monterey Conference Center. The technology in the release is the first of its kind in the enterprise integration industry. The XML Middleware Platform is open source, enabling IT users from around the world to utilize quality and cost-effective integration solutions.

    Open3 will be demonstrating the technology with an interactive demo. Join us at booth #35 at the Open Source Convention in Monterey, CA.

  • Server Software Released
  • Alex Lesniak   07/17/2000

    Open3 Technologies, Inc. announces the availability of the Open3 XML Middleware Server to the open source community under the auspices of Open3 XML Middleware Server is an enterprise class message oriented middleware (MOM) engine. Open3 XML Middleware server leverages cutting edge technologies like XML and Java to provide a robust, scalable and flexible platform for enterprise integration.

    This software release is revolutionary in many respects, marking the first entry of an open source organization into the enterprise middleware arena. Open3 XML Middleware Server is also the first open source middleware engine that leverages XML as its internal and external messaging medium. This makes for straightforward integration of XML aware clients into an enterprise application.

    Open3 XML Middleware Server also provides support for industry supported Java Messaging Service (JMS) enterprise messaging API. In the future, other industry standard messaging APIs will be supported.

    With this release, is poised to challenge industry leaders in the enterprise integration market with an open source solution. As an open source initiative, will muster industry and developer support and will provide the richest set of server features and enterprise integration adapters. invites you to participate in this endeavor. Help us define the future of enterprise integration by participating in this project!

  • Founded
  • Gunnison Carbone   12/27/1999

    Today marks the dawn of, a community dedicated to building a completely open source software system for enterprise application integration and business-to-business integration. will develop into the focal point for enterprise-quality software development and discussion for e-business integration.

    Flexible, reliable, and maintainable integration solutions are one of the largest concerns facing the technology infrastructure of businesses today. Corporations around the world, after years of custom development and purchase of enterprise applications for diverse departments such as inventory, accounting, sales, and fulfillment, now face the daunting task of bringing these systems together. Piecemeal custom and expensive proprietary integration systems have been the only solution to the problem. Until now. will enable businesses around the world to utilize quality open source software for integration.

    To succeed, our efforts depend upon participation from a global community of contributors. Becoming a part of an open source community means that your work is distributed and reused worldwide for the benefit of all. Join and be a part of the open source solution for enterprise integration!

(c) 2001 Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Open3 is a registered trademark of Open3 Technologies, Inc.