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Welcome to the software section. Here you'll find production software, project communities, and licensing information..

The software section makes it easy to find what you're looking for. If you're searching for production-ready software, go directly to the Production Software section. If you're interested in downloading the latest releases of software and participate in project level activities, go to the Projects section. For licensing information, refer to the Licensing section.

Overview of Software software is composed of two main categories, the server system and adapters. The server software, the JMS Messaging Server and the E-Business Integration Platform, forms a robust middleware solution for enterprise integration. The adapters, a host of projects that are clients to the server, directly link a particular application or data system to the Open3 server. The server system and adapters, used together, provide a quick, reliable, and robust solution for linking disparate applications and data to each other.

A high-level view of the Architecture looks like:
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