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Get Involved!

Participate in the open source revolution for e-business integration! Since 1999, has been solving the incredibly complex problem of integrating disparate applications and data systems internal and external to the enterprise. is your opportunity to not only utilize quality open source integration software, but to also be a key contributor to it.

Our success is dependent upon your participation! welcomes design, development, and testing efforts from individuals, businesses, and software vendors.
  • Individuals have the opportunity to make a name for themselves and create software for use by a worldwide community. Your software contribution won't be cancelled, won't be shelved, and won't be tucked into some dark corner. Open source is your opportunity to display your talents and creativity in building great software!
  • Businesses contribute to to advance their integration solutions and to leverage a standard and highly cost effective platform for business-to-business communication.
  • Software Vendors can dramatically increase the acceptance of their software products by guaranteeing integration through a universal open source platform. is actively recruiting adapter development for a wide variety of enterprise applications.
How Do I Participate?

Similar to an integrated enterprise of disparate applications, is composed of a diverse group of participants centered about our community. Participation in is free of cost and open to everyone, everywhere. To participate, just complete a simple form (for individuals, for businesses, for software vendors) to become a member and you're ready to go. Once you're a member, you can join existing projects and create new projects.

You don't need to be a member to download software, documentation, or access the main portions of the website. However, becoming a member allows you the most benefits of We hope you'll become a participant today!

To become a member:

Join Mailings has a weekly email newsletter keeping the community informed on items of interest. Additionally, many projects have mailing lists for project-related issues. Click here to join Mailings.
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