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  Software : Projects : Integration Adapters : Integration Adapters adapters are components of the total integration solution. These adapters connect to the server platforms, which provide the engine for integration. An adapter permits the data and functionality of an application or data system to be accessed by other applications. Once an adapter is developed for a particular application, rapid integration solutions are realized with that application. A large set of adapters permits a robust platform for integration.

The more adapters that the open source community creates, the more valued the platform becomes for use in solving complex integration problems. Bob Metcalf, a networking pioneer and founder of 3Com, created Metcalf's Law which states that The value of a network, the number of connections, increases in proportion to the square of the number of nodes on the network. Therefore, a system with 2 nodes has a value of 4, a system with 3 nodes has a value of 9, and a system with 4 nodes has a value of 16. You can quickly see that for each node added, the value of the system increases dramatically. adapters are like the nodes on a network, for each new adapter we create, the platform becomes more valued for integrating a diverse set of applications and data systems.

Our open source community benefits all who are solving integration challenges. Development of adapters is a crucial component of a complete open source platform for e-business integration. Our open source nature permits an adapter to be developed once and then reused by everyone. This incredible efficiency permits strong usuability of software. We hope you'll join our growing community in contributing your expertise to building adapters.

Adapters plug into a variety of applications and data systems including:

  • Application Servers
  • Business Analytics Software
  • Communication Software
  • Content Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Databases
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • File Systems
  • Financials/Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Integration Platforms
  • Inventory Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Programming Languages
  • Protocols
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Shipping/Logistics
  • Storage Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Wireless Applications
  • Workflow Systems
Getting Started

The best place to get started with using and/or developing adapters is to take a look at the Adapter Framework. The framework provides the foundation for how adapters operate within the environment. All adapters are based on this framework.

Once you're familiar with the framework, take a look at individual adapter projects. We currently have about 20 active projects, some that are production ready. Each adapter project has documentation on how to use the adapter within the platform. Each adapter project page also has information on joining a project and you can create new adapter projects by joining as a member.

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