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Connect Your Enterprise with Open Source! is a robust, scalable, portable, and completely open source solution for enterprise integration. is the focal point for the development effort that makes the integration of applications and data in the enterprise, and beyond, a reality.

Integrating information from disparate systems, platforms and formats is a hot topic in today's marketplace. Many businesses and organizations are discovering that e-business integration is key to increasing efficiency, cutting operational costs, and streamlining business processes. Until now, enterprise integration solutions have been extremely costly to acquire, integrate, and maintain. The key to solving the barriers to entry into an e-business integration system is offered by the open source community.

Open source software is rapidly becoming mainstream in the enterprise. Software like the Linux operating systems have challenged industry giants and succeeded in fulfilling the need for robust, secure and open software. Furthermore, open source initiatives have made very significant inroads into the cost of entry for reliable computing, in the enterprise and beyond. The evolution of movements such as Linux and Apache continue to demonstrate the viability and supremacy of the open source approach to software development. Open source, no doubt, works. It is a natural, flexible, and evolutionary process that combines and recombines the best of existing and emerging technologies and ideas from the best software developers.

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Ready to integrate? Check out Software to learn about and download our products. Documentation provides a complete list of reference materials including installation information, how-to manuals, and whitepapers. Get Involved in and be a part of the open source revolution for e-business integration!

January 14, 2002 - Major New Releases!

We've updated the following projects with new software releases:
New JMS Installer

New Perl Adapter Project

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