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Welcome to the documentation section. Here you'll find information on installation, system architecture, and white papers for software.

Title ? Author(s) ? Version ? Download ? JMS Messaging Server - Installation Guide Duane Stoddard, Gunnison Carbone 1.0 Download

This document contains the directions and information required to install and setup the JMS Server and associated components. This information includes the required jar files, configuration documents, and startup scripts. The document also contains details on how to setup the persistence data tables on various database systems.

Title ? Author(s) ? Version ? Download ? Licensing Alex Lesniak, Gunnison Carbone 1.0 Download

This document describes licensing for the projects.

Perl Language Adapter
Title ? Author(s) ? Version ? Download ?
Perl Language Adapter Coding Standards - Sample Code Sarah Farrell 1.0 Download

Sample code for coding standards in the Perl language adapter project.
Title ? Author(s) ? Version ? Download ?
Perl Language Adapter Coding Standards Sarah Farrell 1.0 Download

Coding standards for the Perl language adapter project.

System Architecture
Title ? Author(s) ? Version ? Download ?
XML Streaming Transfer Protocol (XSTP) Duane Stoddard 1.0 Download

The XML Streaming Transfer Protocol (XSTP) is an application-level protocol for distributed, disparate, cooperative information systems. It is a generic protocol, which has been designed to allow various components to communicate via XML along data streams. XSTP is the underlying communication method for Open3 Middleware components. XSTP is also specifically designed to allow Java Message Service (JMS) style messages to be transmitted allowing a JMS implementation to be created (although not required). The primary goal of XSTP is to allow either connectionless or persistent connections between various components and to provide a common, platform independent communication medium to exchange data.
Title ? Author(s) ? Version ? Download ? Adapter Framework Whitepaper Gunnison Carbone, Duane Stoddard 1.2 Download

This document describes the Adapter Framework, provides an overview of adapters, and presents an example for building new adapters.
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