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Welcome to the projects section. Here you'll find the latest downloads, documentation, and community activities for various software projects dedicated to e-business integration.

The Technology of utilizes XML as the basis for messaging. XML permits a flexible and interoperable message structure. The messaging server is Java-based and is compliant with the Java Message Service (JMS). Currently the XML Streaming Transfer Protocol (XSTP) is supported for the transmission protocol, and we plan to support additional protocols, like SOAP, in the future. XSTP enables non-Java clients (such as C/C++, Perl, and Python) to connect to the server. This feature provides significant flexibility in the design of application adapters, integration logic, and transformation components.

The Roadmap of

It is our goal to create a full open source platform for e-business integration. We currently have a strong messaging infrastructure in place, which forms the core part of an integration system. Building upon this, we're adding additional message brokering capabilities such as routing and transformation, application development capabilities such as EJB, business-to-business framework support such as ebXML and OAGIS, and business process management functionality. Become a part of and contribute to the development and vision of a universal platform for e-business integration!
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