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Our Mission is the open source community enabling a universal platform to revolutionize business through e-business integration.
The integration challenge is enormous. The rewards are even larger.

A typical mid-sized business has more than 15 enterprise applications, dozens of desktop applications, and a multitude of business partners that span the globe. The ability to automate the data and digital processes from "end-to-end" enables a business to operate at maximum efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and tap into emerging markets and new revenue sources. Unfortunately, very few businesses are able to meet the integration challenge to realize these rewards. Complex, costly, and missing features in proprietary integration software is a major barrier blocking the path to a truly integrated enterprise.

Our goal is to enable every business on the planet to fully and efficiently integrate their enterprise. We are the community providing the applications, the nuts and bolts, of the e-business integration infrastructure. And we're doing it as open source, so that businesses can leverage affordable, reliable, secure, and feature-rich software for their mission-critical projects.

We've succeeded in completing our first major milestone. The JMS Messaging Server is a robust and reliable messaging system that is native-XML and is compliant with the industry standard Java Message Service (JMS) specification. Our next milestone is already underway, the development of a rich set of adapters for linking enterprise applications and data systems. In tandem, we're working on support for emerging integration standards like OAGIS and ebXML. Community involvement and participation is enabling us to reach our milestones. Your participation in is invaluable to aiding us in providing a truly open solution for e-business integration. Get involved today!

-The Founders
 Alex, Duane, and Gunnison

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