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Welcome to! We're working together to create a revolutionary platform for enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business integration (B2Bi). EAI is the integration of applications and data systems internal to the enterprise. B2Bi is integration with business partners on the supply and selling chain. The design, development, and creation of sophisticated EAI and B2Bi integration solutions are a high priority among businesses across the globe.T ogether, EAI and B2Bi are known collectively as e-business integration. is the open source solution to e-business integration.

E-business integration is a significant challenge for the enterprise. Dr. Ravi Kalakota in his best-selling book, e-Business 2.0, writes that:

"In reality, a large part of e-business is about how to integrate an intricate set of apps so they work together like a well-oiled machine to manage, organize, route, and transform information. This vision is not easy to achieve, and failures are more frequent that successes."

Proprietary Integration Software

These failures often stem from the high cost and complexity of proprietary integration products. Propriety integration software is very expensive, permitting only those corporations with huge IT budgets to engage enterprise-class solutions. Additionally, proprietary software locks a business into a particular solution, requiring them to continually pay for new licenses to upgrade their systems. This is especially unfortunate since so many critical systems are dependent upon the integration technology.

Proprietary integration systems also support only a limited set of adapters for the most profitable enterprise applications, permitting the enterprise to rapidly integrate only a subset of it's entire architecture. It's estimated that more than 95% of applications do not have native integration adapters for which significant time and cost must be devoted to developing customized solutions. Open Source Integration Solutions is eliminating these problems for e-business integration. System developers no longer have to convince management to spend $100,000 (U.S. $) and more for a reliable and secure integration infrastructure. permits an adapter to be developed once and utilized by the world, eventually enabling the greatest adapter set possible. is the public culmination of a low cost, yet superior system for e-business integration. is created on cutting-edge technology like Java Enterprise and XML, delivering on the standards you'd expect for enterprise software. Major worldwide corporations like Lucent Technologies, Siemens, and Alcatel are using for their e-business solutions. Discover how can enable your business to participate in the e-business economy.

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