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The purchase and usage of enterprise applications is dependent upon their ability to be successfully integrated into the enterprise. As e-business evolves, this demand has become even more stringent. Customers have become more savvy about the need to share data and functionality in the software applications that software vendors provide.

Unfortunately, many proprietary integration companies ignore all but the largest software vendors. This leaves over 95% of enterprise applications without an adapter to hook into an integration system. is your solution for building a universal adapter to your application. insures that your customers will have a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution to their integration concerns.

Software vendors generally create adapter project(s) for their application(s). As an open source community, there is no cost to participate. All that we require is that your adapter be open source. An open source adapter permits the greatest flexibility to your customers to integrate your software with other software. We also suggest (but don't require) that your company develop an active role in the creation of the adapter. This means architectural, development, and testing expertise. We have many individual and business contributors that work on adapter projects, however, contributing your own resources will speed the development and enhance the quality of the software.

Please complete the information below for software vendor membership. A password will be emailed to you once you submit the form below, which you can use to log into member areas of There is no charge for software vendors to participate in the community and create projects for their applications. If you have software adapter projects or other projects that you'd like to create, provide the information below and one of our community leaders will be in contact to help setup the projects.
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